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412                          Stringer Plate.

the intermediate value 8J-" having been taken.     Next, the butt
straps must pass 2-| rivets each at D1 and D2, or Dx + D2 must
pass the same strength as C.    But
Plate at C = 7'22/.
and* Plate at Dx -h D2 = 5-94 x 1-25 /= 7*4/,

or the links are most crowded at the pitch line.

Taking now the joint as designed,
Strength of pierced plate = (8-5 -1-28) 1*28x6=55 tons.

C X 22 X 1*28 X 1*28

Strength of rivets = J-----------------------x 5 x 2 = 64/34 tons.

---------------------                j x 4

Strength of solid plate =8-5 x 1-28 x 6 = 65'28 tons.
and    77 = -7.----~ 

The Tie Bar or Stringer Plate, Fig. 365, is art important
deduction from the last example.   By compelling the joint to break

'. 365.

preferably at AB, the plate is only weakened to the extent of one rivet
The strips must not be bent abruptly, however, and the butt straps
should always be examined separately, and their thickness in-
creased until the links are narrowed sufficiently foi all to pass;
thus |f is required in the example.